EnvDes 543 - Essay #3 - Moorish vs Reniassance(2)

EnvDes 543 - Essay #3 - Moorish vs Reniassance(2) - Caitlin...

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Caitlin Dunn EnvDes 543 - Fall 2006 Final Essay #3: The Moorish designs for Alhambra and Generalife contained large halls and courtyards that provided places for receptions and recreation for the Moorish kings of Granada. In both palaces green was used as a sacred color. Alhambra was a place/fortress built by the Nasrid rulers from 1250 – 1500 in Granada, Spain and housed half a dozen royal residences. Of the only two of the palaces at Alhambra that have survived, the most beautiful is the Palace of the Lions, which is named for the courtyard fountain with marble lions. Its lush gardens and luxurious furnishings were designed to conjure images of paradise. The Hall of the Two Sisters has an elaborate stucco ceiling that was intended to catch sunlight and form beautiful abstract patterns. Generalife (at left) was the summer palace and country estate of the Nasrid rulers. The complex consists of the Water Garden Courtyard and the Courtyard of the Cypress. A long pool in the center is framed by flowerbeds,
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