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AnsExam II-Spg08-v15A-FinA

AnsExam II-Spg08-v15A-FinA - COPY A NAME_Weisntein...

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COPY A NAME: ___ Weisntein ____________ STD. #____ 000-0000 _________ ASTRONOMY, PHYSICS 122 EXAM 2 March 28, 2008 Be sure to print your name and student number on the front page. Please remove all books and papers from your desk. The exam is closed book . For questions requiring brief answers or fill-in- the-blank, write legibly and be concise. For questions involving multiple choice, circle the letter of the one correct answer. For true/false questions, circle T or F in front of each listed possibility. For numerical problems, show all of your work to get the most partial credit. Total time is 50 min . Total points are 200 . !!Good Luck!! !!Good Luck!! Fill in the blanks and/or circle the correct choice in each of the underlined phrases . 1. (10pts) What are the four stages in the evolution of Terrestrial planets after they grow past the protoplanet stage? i) _ Differentiation ___________ iii) ___ Flooding _____________ ii) _ Cratering _____________ iv) __ Slow surface evolution ___ The key factor that sets the boundary between the Terrestrial and the Jovian planets is the distance from the sun beyond which (2pts) __ liquid water condenses into ice crystals. _________ . 2. (10pts) An important process for the present surface evolution of Earth is cratering / water erosion . In Earth’s primeval atmosphere, the amount of carbon dioxide was more / less than the amount of oxygen. The most important factor that influenced the evolution of Earth’s atmosphere was _ formation of liquid water oceans ________________. On Earth large plates of crust float on a plasticized tectonic / magma layer in the upper mantle. The Earth’s magnetic field results from the dynamo effect in the core / iron deposits at the poles . 3. (10pts) In the diagram below label each of the major sections of Earth's interior. crust Seismic waves caused by earthquakes are either liquid metallic core P-waves or S-waves depending on whether the solid metallic core motion of rock is parallel or perpendicular to the wave's direction of travel. P-waves / S-waves (circle one) can NOT travel through __ liquid metallic core _____ (name the section of Earth). 4. (8pts) Astronomers consider the cosmic microwave background (CMB) to be the remnant of the _ big ____ __ bang _____. In the early universe the background radiation was very hot. Today the average temperature of the CMB has cooled to about 27K / 2.7K (circle one). What change in the universe produces this cooling? __ expansion ________ What happens to the wavelength of light as a result of this change? __ red shift or gets longer Multiple Choice (Circle the ONE correct answer.)
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