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Exam III 1710 F '01 Sample - Sample Questions, Exam III 1....

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Sample Questions, Exam III 1. Snapdragons have a sincle gene (locus) that determines flower color. The allele R is for red flowers and it shows incomplete dominance over the recessive allele r for white flowers. What color flowers are produced by Rr plants? a. All red b. Mixed red and white (some flowers of each color) c. pink d. white with pink streaks e. purple 2. An allele at one locus affects several phenotypic traits (e.g. cystic fibrosis is caused by a single defective gene which causes clogged blood vessels, sticky mucus, salty sweat, liver failure, etc.). This is an example of: a. continuous variation. b. codominance. c. incomplete dominance. d. epistasis. e. pleiotropic effects. 3. A human is heterozygous at a blood group locus and expresses both genotypes (e.g. they have type AB blood). This is an example of: a. polygenic inheritance. b. codominance. c. incomplete or partial dominance. d. pleiotropy. e. complete dominance. 4. Occasionally, a gene at one chromosomal locus affects the phenotypic expression of a second gene found at an entirely different chromosomal locus. This phenomenom is called: a. pleiotropy. b. partial dominance. c. epistasis. d. secondary regulation. e. polygenic inheritance. 5. An example of a sex-linked human genetic-based disorder is: a. Duchene muscular dystrophy. b. sickle cell anemia. c. HuntingtonÕs disease. d. cystic fibrosis. e. Tay-Sachs disease. 6. Genes located on the same chromosome are said to be: a. polygenic. b. bottlenecked. c. pleiotropic. d. linked. e. epistatic. 7. A human autosomal recessive lethal genetic disease whose defective allele has been maintained at a relatively high level in certain population groups because it gives the heterozygote resistance to an infectious disease is: a. Tay-Sachs disease. b. cystic fibrosis. c. sickle-cell anemia.
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d. muscular dystrophy. e. HuntingtonÕs disease. _______________________________________________________________________ 8. Four genes (A, W, E, and G) on a chromosome have the following linkage map: The lowest recombination frequency would be observed between genes: a. A and W. b. W and E. c. E and G. d. A and E. e. A and G. _______________________________________________________________________ 9. Thomas Morgan was the first person to: a. map a specific gene/trait to a specific chromosome. b. observe codominance. c. carry out amniocentesis. d. observe crossing over under the microscope. e. define genetic variation. 10. An example of a human genetic condition caused by an autosomal dominant defective gene/allele: a. KlinefelterÕs syndrome. b. Down syndrome. c. HuntingtonÕs disease. d. cystic fibrosis. e. Turner. 11. An inactivated ÒXÓ chromosome in a human female cell is seen as a/an: a. centrosome. b.
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Exam III 1710 F '01 Sample - Sample Questions, Exam III 1....

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