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Exam III 1710 F '02

Exam III 1710 F '02 - Exam III Principles of Biology I Fall...

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Exam III Principles of Biology I Fall 2002 1. Mendel crossed a true breeding purple flowering pea with a true breeding white flowering pea. The F1 generation was all purple. The F2 generation was 3 purple and 1 white. This is an example of: a. Mendel’s law of segregation. b. incomplete dominance. c. Mendel’s law of independent assortment. d. codominance. e. recombination/crossing over. 2. Mendel carried out most of his studies using: A. drosophila. B. E. coli. C. garden peas. D. budgies/parakeets. E. roses. 3. Summer squash plants have a gene that determines fruit color. The dominant allele Y is for yellow fruit and the recessive allele y is for green fruit. What color fruit is produced by yy squash plants? A. All green B. Mixed green and yellow C. All yellow D. All yellow-green E. Mixed green, yellow-green, and yellow 4. A gene on the human X chromsome: a. always acts in a dominant fashion. b. is said to be autosomal. c. is said to be sex linked. d. is expressed only in males. e. is always recessive in males. 5. The structure shown to the right is an example of a: A. purine. B. pyrimidine. C. ribose sugar. D. deoxyribose sugar. E. molecule not found in DNA. 6. What is the Mendelian phenotypic ratio for the F2 generation from a typical monohybrid cross? A. 2:1 B. 3:1 C. 9:3:3:1 D. 1:1 E. 1:2:1
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7. An organism with the genotype Rr will produce equal numbers of R-containing and r-containing gametes and if self-crossed will produce offspring with a phenotypic ratio of 3:1. This demonstrates the: a. principle of dominance. b. theorem of unit inheritance. c. law of segregation. d. rule of heterozygosity. e. law of independent assortment. 8. Snapdragons have a sincle gene (locus) that determines flower color. The allele R is for red flowers and it shows incomplete dominance over the recessive allele r for white flowers. What color flowers are produced by Rr plants? a. All red b. Mixed red and white (some flowers of each color) c. pink d. white with pink streaks e. purple 9. An allele at a genetic locus is said to act in a pleiotrophic manner. This means that: a. the phenotype exhibits continuous variation. b. it sometimes acts in a dominant fashion and in other cases it is recessive. c. it effects several phenotypic characters. d. it is highly polymorphic. e. it prevents the organism from growing on minimal medium. 10. A classic example of the phenomenom of genetic codominance would be: a. the fur color of the calico cat. b. cystic fibrosis in humans. c. Duchene muscular dystrophy in humans. d. ABO blood groups in humans. e. pink flowers in the F1 generation from a cross of a true breeding red with a true breeding white plant. 11. Two genes are said to be linked when: a. they are encoded on the same chromosome. b.
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Exam III 1710 F '02 - Exam III Principles of Biology I Fall...

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