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Page 1 of 2 BIOE 322/BIOS 332 Fundamentals of Systems Physiology Spring 2008 Problem Set #5 DUE : F 2/29/08 1. Charles, who is 68 years old, retired following an acute myocardial infarction. He was recovering in a local hospital, where the physicians closely monitored his ECG (see figure below). Charles’ PR intervals were longer than normal. Although his QRS complexes had a normal configuration, there were occasional P waves that were not followed by QRS complexes (non-conducted P waves). He fainted twice in the hospital. The physicians believed that the myocardial infarction caused a block in his atrioventricular (AV) conducting system. While they were discussing the possibility of treating him with atropine, his ECG returned to normal. Charles had no more fainting episodes, and he was sent home without further treatment. 1.1 What does the PR interval on the ECG represent? What units are used to express the PR interval? What is the normal value? 1.2 What does the term “conduction velocity” mean, as applied to myocardial tissue? What is the normal conduction velocity through the AV node? How does conduction velocity in the AV node compare with conduction velocity in other portions of the heart? 1.3 How does the AV nodal conduction velocity correlate with PR interval? Why were Charles’ PR intervals longer than normal? 1.4 What does the QRS complex on the ECG represent? What is implied in the information that the QRS complexes on Charles’ ECG had a normal configuration? 1.5 How is it possible to have P waves that are not followed by QRS complexes? Explain this phenomenon in light of a presumed decreased AV node conduction velocity. 1.6 Why did Charles faint? Explain.
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PS%205 - BIOE 322/BIOS 332 Fundamentals of Systems...

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