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Bio 2B: Nature vs Nurture Name: ___________________________________ Quiz 1 Questions are based on Chapters 1 and 2 and generally follow the order of the reading. The in-class quiz will include multiple-choice answers to circle below each question. 1. The idea that the human mind is a "Blank Slate," is commonly attributed to the philosopher ______. 2. The doctrine that man is inherently good and innocent, and that crime and violence are products of socialization, is embodied in the term ______. 3. The doctrine that the mind is fundamentally different than the rest of the body, i.e., that it comprises an entity that cannot be explained by the properties of molecules and the laws of physics, is embodied in the term _____. 4. The idea of the "Nobel Savage" and its associated doctrines arose as a reaction against the writings and ideas of ____.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. According to Pinker, which of the following doctrines is most associated with the US government's decision in 2001 to ban the use of human embryos to obtain new lines of stem cells? 6. The idea of "eugenics" was started by ____. 7. Social Darwinism was first promoted by ____. 8. Adoption of the Blank Slate doctrine has generated widespread uniformity of thought in the social sciences, giving rise to the term ____. 9. John B. Watson and B.F. Skinner were champions of a theory of psychology known as 10. This associate of Charles Darwin believed that the evolution could not explain the advanced capabilities of the human mind. He spent his later years trying to communicate with the dead....
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