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Bio 2B: Nature vs Nurture Name: ___________________________________ Quiz 3 on Chapter 5 - "The Slate's Last Stand" 1. Chapter 5 deals with recent findings in three general areas of scientific research that Pinker feels have been misinterpreted by Blank Slate advocates to justify their stance. These areas are (circle 3 of the 8 choices). 2. ______ headed a company that helped determine the total the number of human genes. 3. According to Jean-Michel Clavier, the complexity of the human genome may exceed that of a round worm by a factor of _______. 4. Some scientists feel that the brain is a "general purpose learning device" that generates complex behavior after extensive programming that occurs through experience. Others believe that the brain consists of many highly specialized circuits that have evolved to deal with specific problems. Pinker believes in the __________. 5. The fallacy of trying to explain complex behavior from a simple neural networks is analogous to the message of which
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Unformatted text preview: children's story? 6. Neuroscientist Mriganka Sur rewired the brains of _________ so that the signals from the eyes fed into the auditory cortex instead of the visual cortex. 7. Experiments by _____ suggest that the visual system of the human fetus is subjected to self-generated "test patterns" in utero that helps it set up useful circuits to deal with the outside world. 8. The sensory system used for _______ is the only sensory system that uses one specific protein in the sensory cell for each type of unique input. 9. A group of scientists developed a genetically altered mouse in which all of the connections between neurons were rendered non-functional. When born, the brain of this mouse was found to be anatomically ____________. 10. Martha Farah studied a boy who suffered brain damage from meningitis one day after birth. His overall intelligence was normal but he could not...
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