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Quiz4 - 5 A paper entitled"Against Sociobiology"...

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Bio 2B: Nature vs Nurture Name: ____________________________________ Quiz 4 - Chapter 6 "Political Scientists" 1. In a speech at Harvard University in 1976, Joseph Weizenbaum, a famous computer scientist, called for a boycott of research on computer-based speech recognition because he felt its only conceivable use was to help the CIA _______. 2. The idea that "when a society becomes more just it will also become more stratified along genetic lines" is attributed to ______. 3. ___ __ was criticized for discovering in the late 1960s that facial expressions and the emotions they express are common to nearly all cultures and races. 4. The ground breaking and controversial book "Sociobiology" was written by _____.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. A paper entitled "Against Sociobiology" was written in part by _____ and _____. 6. According to Pinker, these three prominent biologists constituted the "intellectual vanguard of the radical science movement." _______, _________, _________. 7. "The Selfish Gene" was written by _______. 8. The household analogy used to explain "dialectical biology" is ______. 9. Two scientists who carried out a 30 year study of the Yamomanö: _______, _______. 10. The scientists who carried out the Yamomanö study were accused of deliberately harming and manipulating the natives in a book by ______....
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