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Communication Skills Unit 8 Sikkim Manipal University Page No. 116 Unit 8 Writing Memos, Circulars and Notices Structure: 8.1 Introduction Objectives 8.2 What is a Memo? Principles of précis writing Approaches to memo writing Characteristics of a memo Guidelines for writing memos Language and writing style of a memo Format of a Memo 8.3 Circulars Guidelines for writing a circular Languages and writing style of a circular Format of a circular 8.4 Notices Purpose of a notice Format of a notice Important points to remember while writing a notice 8.5 Summary 8.6 Terminal Questions 8.7 Answers 8.1 Introduction Written Communication within the organization is very important, especially when things have to be kept on permanent record. Information has to be announced and instructions have to be given to subordinates by superiors. In this unit, we will discuss some of the written communication media, including memos, circulars and notices, which are used to communicate with employees within an organization. We shall define the specific purpose of each of these media, and offer guidelines for writing them, along with the appropriate formats to be used. Objectives: After studying this unit, you should be able to: explain the importance of memo, circular and notices
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