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CHEMISTRY 51A Midterm II K.J. Shea Novemb er 20, 2007 Name: ID number: (Please PRINT, last name first) Seat # Read these instructions carefully: Directions: 1. DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM UNTTL TOLD TO START. 2. THIS IS A CLOSED BOOK EXAM. Please put away all notes, books, and other papers NOW. 3. You must stop work when asked to do so b1'the proctors. KEEP EYES on YOUR OWN PAPER! 4. You should attempt all of the questions, so do not spend too long on an)/ one question. Page Possible Points Score a J 18 4 23 5 l2 6 T6 7 I3 8 T2 9 I2 Total 106 This box is to be used if you request re-grading to correct a grading error. STUDENT STATEMENT: I request that my test be reviewed to correct a grading error. I have attached a note to indicate what I think the error was. I am signing here to indicate that i have NOT ALTERED OR ADDED TO THIS TEST IN ANY WAY. I understand that alteration of this exam and submitting it for regarding constitutes an act of cheating and the instructor assigns an (F) grade for the course to any student found to be cheating in this course and places a letter in the student's permanent file. Signed
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1. (18 pts.) (a) Circle all the stereogenic carbons in the two moiecules the absolute configuration (R or S) of each ster\genic carbon. r- -\ \s() \.s ) n.d.J*bHct, below and indicate H\X HsC,otlC=CHz H \ Cl -6.,.;;; Gf- (b) Draw the structure of (R)-1-iodo-3-methylpentane in the space provided. Be sure your structure clearllt represents the specified ste (c) circle each stereogenic carbon in the molecules below. (d) The molecule below is heroin. Circle allthe stereogenic
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Shea-Mid-II-Test-Key - CHEMISTRY 51A MidtermII K.J. Shea...

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