PracticeQuestions_Q4 - A State if the statement is true(T...

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Unformatted text preview: A- State if the statement is true (T) or false (F) 1) The plus end of a microtubules is connected to kinetochore during mitosis. 2) Myosin plays a role in pseudopodial extension. 3) Dynein is the molecular motor that does the work in a eukaryotic flagellum. 4) Mitochondria have one membrane. 5) The function of enzymes depends on pH. 6) Protein synthesis begins in the nucleus. 7) NADH is an electron shuttle. B- Write the following 8 - List the components of cytoskeleton and the motors that can “walk” on them. 9 - Identify the differences between phagocytosis, receptor-mediated endocytosis, pinocytosis. 10- The release of potential energy is controlled by a- proton pump b- ATP synthase c- sodium-potassium pump d- gated channel e- a channel 11- The most complex structural level this protein has is a- Primary b- Secondary c- Tertiary d- Quaternary 12- The protein below is a a- G-protein b- ATPase c- active state d- receptor e- ribosomal protein 13- The generation of a chemical potential is done by a- electron transport chain b- ATP synthase c- ATPase d- chlorophyl e- NADH 14- Under physiological conditions, the amino group has covalent bonds with 3 hydrogen atoms. If the pH were to drastically increase, what would be the predominant form?...
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PracticeQuestions_Q4 - A State if the statement is true(T...

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