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Abraham Suarez Eng. 102 Prof. Muth Fences In Fences, by August Wilson there is a vey interesting story portrayed. Wilson uses history, current issues and themes of his time, universal themes, and questions people have been asking for ages to help shape this play. The characters, Troy, Rose, Lyons, Cory, Bono, Gabriel, and later on Raynell all the mediums in which Wilson uses to showcase these themes. Themes of family, relationship, love, race, integrity, death, purpose, understanding, being good, innocence, and marriage are all used throughout the play, with the characters being used to highlight and exemplify them. Certain scenes also are more powerful in conveying these points and themes more than others, and other scenes are very subtle in the way they mention of speak of said themes. In my opinion the themes of family, love, purpose, and being good are showcased by the two characters Troy and Cory. Their relationship one can say is strained, but it also is one in which their is love and there are positives to take from. One scene that helps protray is the scene where Cory asks Troy why he doesn't like him. Now Cory uses the word like, but from context it is understood that Cory is asking his father whether or not he loves him. Cory asks this because for
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