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February 5 monday Peaqcekeeping – 4 millions dollars a year. There are 19 group of peacekeepers around the world right now. 1956 israel attacks Egypt and the French and british, suez canal waterriver and they all had ownership. But Egypt nationalize the canal, uk and French did not like it but us did not back them and us say they French and uk are recless in attacking Egypt and the French and uk will have to withdraw. So Canadian embassador says there is a way to withdraw and send a un force and uk and French can say we handed it over to the un. So a force was created called UN emergency force 1. Israel said it will not have a force in its soil and it was mainly In Egypt and the French and uk withdrew. Another thing was that Israel cannot attack Egypt as it will have to kill the un forces and hope was it was going to keep the peace until 1967 when Egypt asked the un forces had to withdraw so it withdrew and there was a 6 day arab Israel war.
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