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A Clockwork Orange In this film A Clockwork Orange, I am doing a homework assignment similar to the one of the Bicycle Thieves. In A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick had a very good relationship with his actors and actresses. This was essential in its time. It shows how a movie can be one of the most moving forms of art there can be. The genre of A Clockwork Orange can be considered quite of a few. It has a surrealistic feel to it. It’s a drama, crime, mystery, sci-fi, thriller, or even considered to be a futuristic film. A Clockwork Orange had a great deal of preproduction. Stanley Kubrick is the man. The film A Clockwork Orange used space and time very well. The time seemed was used well, there are acute scene changes, but the time is relatively real. It didn’t jump around that much at all. It flowed from scene to scene at a pretty god rate. Space was also used to its full capacity. The camera showed how small the city was and it made Alex’s role in the city or world look so huge. The film A Clockwork Orange
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