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intro to main essay - Tara Malewicki English Composition...

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Tara Malewicki English Composition Prof. Johnson Feb. 29, 2008 **I NEED TO PUT A HEADER ON MY PAPER, BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW** Through my eighteen years of life, I have come upon an important quality in life: critical relationships. The quality that sticks out the most for me in critical relationships is action/reflection. We all need to do what we think is right and then look back on what we did to see if we learned anything. If we didn’t learn anything, then we need to look at the mistakes we made and see what we can do better the next time. Everyone has fights with their friends and family members. If we have hurt someone as a result of that fight then we are just as human as the next person. The difference is that we have the choice to realize that we have negatively affected another individual. Once we recognize that particular conflict, with the help of hindsight, we can differentiate between right and wrong. While action/reflection is the most important quality in a critical relationship, the quality of equity is also valid. Equity is defined as the relationship between two or more people or organizations that are involved in the same activity. The act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve something is more than simply teamwork. Yet, in some partnerships or collaborations there is an abuse of power. To make collaboration critical, we need equity to make it honest and fair. The need for equity is especially important in polities. Throughout the year, President Bush has been making promises that he may not be able to keep with his involvement with Cuba. Bush might have entered the situation with good intentions, but as authors Alan Gomez and
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Brian Winter state, “ The State Department said it had no plans to lift the U.S. trade embargo that has crippled the island’s economy and come to symbolize the United States’ Cold War-era resentment of the dictatorship just 90 miles from its shores.” While Bush is trying to better the
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intro to main essay - Tara Malewicki English Composition...

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