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January 25, 2008 INTER ORG Trusteeship council – was org of un. Organ that prepare colonies of the defeated powers. Colonies were to become independent and were not ready to become independent. Now it has done its job. ECOSOC. Economic and social council which has 54 members. Does economic and social work and development. Studies health, development. Most of the 4 billion of the UN it is spend by this group. Coordinates various agencies: WHO. Food agriculture org. united national development program. Where most of the work of the Un takes place. Secretariat – lead by secretary general. Bureaucracy by UN. Work for the UN. Recruited from of all countries are represented. SG head of the Org. SG can refer any matter to the security council if the situation is threatening enough and publishes a annual report. It is elected by general assembly and only on the recommendation of the security council. SG has to comes from different regions of the world. SG serves 5 years. SG cannot be a
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