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American Political Thought Spring 2008 Midterm 1 Study Guide For the exam I will list 3 of the following questions, from which you may choose 2 to write on. Bring a blue book for the exam. Quote the works to help prove your point (that’s why it’s an open book test). 1. What did Marshall see as the Supreme Court’s role in American Constitutional structure? 2. How do Thoreau’s and Madison’s view of the role of government differ? 3. How does the “Declarations of Sentiments and Resolutions” build on the “Declaration of
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Unformatted text preview: Independence? 4. In what ways do the arguments presented by Frederick Douglas and Elizabeth Cady Stanton build upon and reinforce each other? 5. Why does Calhoun think that his notion of concurrent majorities is an improvement over the numerical majority? 6. Why did Lincoln think the Republicans were more conservative than the Democrats?...
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