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Outlines for Test 3 Codi Wood American Pol Thought March 19, 2008 20. George Fitzhugh Cannibals All **The slave trade is cheaper to keep running than the free trade. ** 1. The profits from employing free labor are greater than the profits from slave labor a. Reasons for this are because masters let the slaves retain a larger share of the results than employers of free labor 2. At end of the day slaves are free to do as they wish, free laborers have to go home to family burdens 3. Slave masters provide food, house, and necessities for well-being of the slave and his family 4. White slavery to capital is better than African American slavery for the master because it is more profitable 5. The four classes of society a. Rich b. Professional c. Poor d. Poor thieves ……. 22. The Civil War Constitutional Amendments and the Failure of the “Sixteenth” Amendment “The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments”: **Officially outlawed slavery and involuntary servitude, secured the rights of former slaves, and stopped allowing any U.S. government to outlaw voting based on race. ** 1. The 13 th Amendment a. Outlawing of slavery and involuntary servitude in U.S. or places within U.S. jurisdiction i. Except for crimes b. Congress can enforce this law 2. The 14 th Amendment a. Defines citizenship and protects people's civil rights from the State b. Establishes rules for the apportioning of Representatives in Congress by counting all residents and reducing apportionment if a state stops a person from voting c. Prevents a person from holding a position if rebelled, but Congress can override this with a two-thirds vote d. Stated the United States would not pay for the loss of slaves, or debts that the Confederacy had
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Outlines for Test 3 Codi Wood American Pol Thought March 19, 2008 e. Power of enforcement 3. The 15 th Amendment a. Didn’t allow any U.S. government to prevent a citizen from voting based on race [1] , color, or previously being a slave b. Power of enforcement “Excerpts from The Revolution ”: ** Women should support the adoption of the 16 th Amendment. ** 1. It would enfranchise women a. Thought it would be interpreted as any citizen would get right to vote 2. Urge Congress to hurry up 3. Take action to get it passed 4. Statement from Cady Stanton 5. All wise women should oppose 15
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Outlines Test 3 - Outlines for Test 3 Codi Wood American...

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