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American Political Thought 11/18/08 John Winthrop The Little Speech(1639)- Colonitsts should be subject to Political Athority 1-People aren’t perfiect a. Citiens b. Leaders 2. Leaders do best they can 3. Authority comes from God 4. Freedom a. Licentiousness b. civil/moral freedom (wife/Christ) Conservative: IND_Corrupt POLITICS: Elevates, community, rules from God
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Unformatted text preview: Liberal: IND: Rational Deism Metaphysics INCREASE OF MANKIND-GB Not restrict colonies-pop. Growth gb small-slavery not part of culture our things cost more-Don’t restrict b/c we grow based on our own needs IROQUOIS NATION-Desription of confederacy-dec iof leaders- rights of people take as example-symbolism...
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