Outline #5 - W.E.B Du Bois "The Soul of Black...

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W.E.B Du Bois "The Soul of Black Folks" (1903) -OF OUR SPIRIUAL STRIVINGS - How do blacks feel about they themselves being a problem -Wishes to blend both selves: White and Black -Without loss of opportunity -Slavery was the foundation for sorrow, villainies, and prejudice. -With signs of liberty and freedom, new vision began to replace political power -Book learning -Being poor is hard, but poor in a land of dollars is tough. -Nation felt blacks should be content in their positions, for they were only half of man. - OF MR. BOOKER T. WASHINGTON AND OTHERS - Washington's program won over the south, interested the north, and silenced Negroes. -Leadership emerged; slaves revolted with the cause if wanting freedom -Three things blacks should not give up: -Political power -Insistence of civil rights -Higher education of Negro youth -The way to gain these things is not to belittle them, or push them aside, but to constantly affirm reasons for their wants Emma Goldman "Anarchism: What it really Stands For" (1907) - Neither the elite educated nor average citizens make decision from great knowledge about a subject. It is made their 'false interpretations' and 'hearsay'. -Most violent element in society is ignorance. -Liberty shall be un-restricted by manmade laws -All forms of government and wrong and harmful for they are based on violence. -Anarchy teaches man and nature unity of life. -Valuable most in the world is individual instinct. -America cannot boast its great wealth is its laborers are economically dissatisfied. -Man is being robbed of more than his labor. -State is maintained for human sacrifice.
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Outline #5 - W.E.B Du Bois "The Soul of Black...

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