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review test3 - Relative humidty Add water R.H goes up...

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Relative humidty Add water R.H. goes up Remove “” goes down Temperature goes up then R.H. goes down Temp goes down R.H. goes up Contour strip mining- surface mining, rows that follow the contours Gypsum & pot ash- minerals that are evaporated Clean air act- first such legislature of its kind. Federal legislation All metallic minerals are non renewable. Anything that’s removed and used and consumed faster than it can be replaced is considered nonrenewable Geyer- ocean current Photochemical pollutant- get into the enviroment and when the react with sunlight they are pollutant Ozone- highest concentration is in the stratisphere Stratusphere- acts as a Trophosphere Rock cycle- Sedimentary- at or near the earth surface. Temp is lower Deeper you go the higher the temperature, and higher the pressure Chemical wheathering- turns big rocks into small rocks Igneous (most common) formed from the molten state when it cools.
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  • Spring '08
  • Marchant
  • latitudes equator- doldrums, igneous rock Weather, change igneous rock, Add water R.H., mining- surface mining

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