Lect 07 biomes lead-in PP outline

Lect 07 biomes lead-in PP outline - Often similar types of...

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Biomes: Global Patterns of Life Biomes * Major types of ecosystems that cover large geographic areas. * Often characterized by a pattern of similar vegetation. * Which is characterized by climate and other abiotic factors * Temperature and precipitation are among the most important determinants in biome distribution. * A biome is a type of community, not a specific grouping of organisms.
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Unformatted text preview: * Often, similar types of organisms are found in different parts of the world that have similar environments * Convergent evolution Biomes Biomes… * A tour of the major biomes, with a focus on North America: * Tundra * Coniferous forest * Temperate deciduous forest * Grasslands * Deserts * Temperate rain forest * Tropical rain forest...
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