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Americans of Latin American (often categorized as " Hispanic ") come from a wide variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds; however, Latin Americans have often been viewed as a monolithic group by other Americans. Latinos are often portrayed as passionate, hypersexual or violent in literature, films, television, and music.[ original research? ] Furthermore, recent increases in illegal Hispanic immigration have spurred anti-Latino sentiment, particularly in areas of the United States that have previously seen few Hispanic immigrants.[ original research? ] Due to the diversity of backgrounds encountered in the Hispanic population of the United States, racist policies have varied widely.[
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Unformatted text preview: original research? ] The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo granted Mexicans in the territories acquired after the Mexican-American War access to United States citizenship and legal status. For example, Leander Perez 's ancestors were compiled mainly of Islenos people who immigrated to the New Orleans area in the late 1700s, yet Leander had the appearance of and was considered by just about everyone to be a white man. Many Cuban Americans, particularly those from the exile generation that arrived immediately after the Communist takeover of the island, are also largely integrated into American society.[ original research? ]...
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