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23 January 2008 Inter Org Davos in Switzerland has the world economic forum. Klaus Schwab company investment firm and bring figures to talk about global and economic problems. Political Celebrities get together to brainstorm how to deal with humanitarian and political challenges. Voluntary sector is at the WEF get together and talk. Dominated by hotshots of the world such as bill gates. Condi and musharaf and this event is dominated by the elite. There are other NGO feel this is a gathering for the rich and the powerful and came up with another forum which is call the World Social Forum and people from the world get together and don’t need to all the money. Chapter 2 League of nations after WW I and in 1815 there was the congress of Vienna after French revolution. And French decided to spread that around and failed after napoleon got defeated the European got together and made the congress of vienna to maintain the balance of power. UN all states are free to join the Un and all are sovereign states. Big and small and all
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