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International Organization January 18

International Organization January 18 - International...

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International Organization January 18, 2008 MNC are concern about the world and not just profits. Realism – don’t care about Int Org, see as a hindrance or subordinate. Will always be peripheral. China there is a concerned about their military. State cannot protect it self it seeks alliances. American troops in Korea and Japan to see the threat of China. US wants a missile defense in Europe. But Russia days no and says its targeting at them. Realist concern about big powers. As small power at the mercy of bigger powers. Liberalism – if states set up institutions and cooperate between them that it will stop countries going to war. Liberals put their faith in international org. Human nature – realist are conservative and don’t trust. Liberals say people can be trusted so that’s why they create institutions. The more the states turn to international org the more there will be peace say liberals. Liberalism – is a perspective that values int org the most. Most people tend to be liberal
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