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February 15 - February 15 International organization India...

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February 15 International organization India moving closer to the US, Russia moving closer to china and both india and Russia have a treaty of friendship. Arab league second major regional agreement in the world. All arab states became to be in 1945 , unity, economic cooperation between them and sign a treaty of joint defence – 1950 set up attack and provide assistance to each other. Arab league in middle east and north Africa, if you an arab you become a member. OIC – org of Islamic countries – much bigger and there are many muslim countries that are not arab. Arab league has not have the unity that nato has. Arab league has diverse such as monarchies, from traditional and revolutionaries – lybia, Syria. They are all authoritarian one kind of another. They are moderate or traditional. Not much cohesion – arabs never had unity. Try to have Pan Arabism that tries to bring htem together but all over history they have been fighting.
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