Lect 03 PP outline

Lect 03 PP outline - Matter Energy and Life Matter To Cells...

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Matter, Energy, and Life Matter…. To Cells Cells - Minute compartments in a living organism which carry out process of life. Surrounded by lipid membrane controlling flow of materials in and out of cell. Interior sub-divided into organelles and sub-atomic particles. ENERGY Energy - Ability to do work. Kinetic - Energy in moving objects. Potential - Stored energy. Chemical - Stored in food or fossil fuels. Power - Rate of doing work. Heat - Total kinetic energy in a substance not associated with bulk motion. Temperature - Measure of speed of motion of atoms in a molecule. Energy quality High-quality energy Organized and concentrated and able to perform a large amount of useful work Gasoline, coal, sunlight, electricity… Low-quality energy Disorganized and dispersed and not too good at doing useful work heat Thermodynamics Energy must be supplied from an external source to keep biological processes running. Energy flows in a one-way path through living systems and into a temperature sink. First Law of Thermodynamics - Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Second Law of Thermodynamics - With each successive energy transfer, less energy is available to perform work. ENERGY FOR LIFE Ultimately, most organisms depend on the sun for energy needed to carry out life processes.
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Solar energy is essential for (2) reasons: Warmth Photosynthesis Radiant energy transformed into useful, high-quality chemical energy in the bonds of organic molecules. Energy For Life
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Lect 03 PP outline - Matter Energy and Life Matter To Cells...

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