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Glynn 1 Approaches to Film Sunday, April 02, 2006 Nathan D. Glynn APOCALYPSE NOW The film Apocalypse Now is a great film that was great when it was released and great now. I am not sure if Coppola intentionally meant Apocalypse Now to serve as a huge political controversy. It doesn’t seem like a war that much in Apocalypse Now, for being a movie about the Vietnam War. In Apocalypse Now, the depth is very prominent as well as the use of light. Apocalypse Now was entirely dark. All of the night scenes, you could barely see the faces of the characters, more or less just half of the face and a bunch of shadows. In Apocalypse Now, there are probably lots of light filters in use. Apocalypse Now seems like it is made up of like 6 shots, not many scene changes in this film, it seems like Apocalypse Now is just one scene that uses a lot of long shots. The narrative structure in Apocalypse Now is very well done and very well
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Unformatted text preview: needed. With out the narrative structure in Apocalypse Now, everyone would be lost. I mean in the first scene with Willard drunk and smashing stuff, imagine no narrative structure there. The production values of this particular movie Apocalypse Now, are great, all the lighting sources are outdoors, mostly natural. To show real good detail, Apocalypse Now uses extreme close-up in a lot of the movie. Extreme close-up is used over and over again in almost all the scenes on the boat in Apocalypse Now. An Aerial-view shot was also used in Apocalypse Now, during the scene where Kurtz takes over the beach for surfing. The shift from Late Victorian to 1960s Vietnam was done greatly I thought. The slick use of narrative structure, the lighting, the meaningful words used, the Playboy Bunny scene, everything....
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