POSC365notes2 - term paper: 8 pages double spaced title...

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Unformatted text preview: term paper: 8 pages double spaced title page, endnotes/bibliography start w purpose statement uh.. do you mean THESIS?? aka dont get creative number pages, stapled keep rough notes etc until I get final grade 2/23/06 Webers formula for control- Control = Force + Legitimacy (Weberian theory) o even in highly legitimate institutions, force is held as a reserve & is sometimes necessary to control rebellion o you cant maintain control with force alone; without legitimacy, your control over society is too weak to hold out in the long run o when you take over power by force, you may exert a high level of control at first, but it wont last; the regime must be legitimized or else it will collapse youve got to earn your keep, earn your moral right to power (i.e. legitimacy) o must differentiate between the 2 types of legitimacy: legitimacy of the system legitimacy of the governing elite o- ADOLPH HITLER- paradigm of the convergence of weberian theories of political charisma and personality theories of erikson and ---?- starts out (thru electoral process) with legal-rational legitimacy- relevant eriksonian theories: o premature integrity : personality is formed very early in life; opinions are formed, and all other new ideas are rejected; inhibits development and ; develops totalitarian identity not willing to let go of the beliefs that you embraced int heir totality very early in life o identity crisis : developmental stage when a person is totally confused about their position in life; where have I been and where am I going? what pulls them out of this crisis is the discovery of their medium of salvation : something that happens that instantly sheds light on the path that they want to take; an ah-ha moment for Hitler, his medium should have been art or architecture, but that path was denied; instead, he pursued politics , which fit, but wasnt the correct path (hence the disastrous result) ****** o moratorium : period of removal from society to contemplate and reevaluate oneself; leaders who are suffering from indecisiveness or identity crisis retreat into moratorium to deliberate on their next step- crisis milieu : o separate german states and principalities came together to form a powerful nation-state, Prussia (Germany) o the German state was considered to be approaching divinity in the eyes of some nationalists o within a period of 50 years, germany became a superpower, becoming strong enough to defeat France in the franco-german war o began confronting british military (but couldnt stand up to the british navy) o Weimar Republic did not provide sufficient leadership o had to pay reparations to the allies after WWII, in addition ot the mounting economic depression o conflicts btwn communists and Nazis- Hitler: the marginal man o sociologically : lower class o psychologically : bad family situation, lost several siblings father an abusive alcoholic, an illegitimate child of wealthy Jewish Austrian father and poor German servant mother...
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POSC365notes2 - term paper: 8 pages double spaced title...

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