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Justice Will Be Served - Glynn 1 Nathan Glynn Professor...

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Glynn 1 Nathan Glynn Professor Johnson English 111 12 December 2007 Justice Will Be Served The main issue in the debate over capital punishment is whether or not it is an effective prevention to a violent crime. In at least one important circumstance it is: you simply can not argue that a killer, once executed, will never shed blood and kill again. However, the effect capital punishment has on others, depends on how strictly the penalty is enforced. Since the death capital punishment has not been used consistently over the years, it is too difficult to measure the accuracy of this method of justice. Eric Freedman in his article in the USA Today , “The Case against the Death Penalty,” claims that a lack of significant difference between murder rates for states with and without the capital punishment proves that the death penalty has not lowered the number of murders. The states with the death penalty have used it so little in years past that it is too difficult to measure a substantial difference. Any punishment, including death, will not ever be productive crime prevention if it is looked upon as just a poker bluff. Although the death penalty can be expensive, it must be enforced to provide safety and justice for all Americans. To claim that capital punishment, if applied consistently and with out too much delay, would not prevent crime is basically stating that people are not afraid of dying. The death penalty can not be a preventive 100 percent of the time for terrible crimes, because fear of death varies in all people. Some people race stock cars, where speeds
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Glynn 2 approach 180 miles per hour and beyond, people climb mountains, cowboys ride bulls, some parachute out of planes, even some people base jump, clowns walk circus high wires and people do otherwise engage in activities that can be more deadly. As author Bernard Cohen notes in his book Law and Order , “There are even more people who refrain from participating in these activities mainly because risking their lives is not to there taste.” Value Method On occasion, circumstances have led to statistical evaluations of the death penalty’s preventive effect. In Utah for example, there have been five executions since the Supreme Court’s ruling in 1976, here are three examples as seen on proboards.com:
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