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Belle and her father came to the BEAST’S castle for different reasons and got different results. The father came to the castle hoping to get help. The Beast’s castle looked spooky due to the surrealness ie. darkness, hand candles, and the moving hands at the table. He didn’t know what to expect at this castle. He had a cup of tea and took a little nap. Then when he was trying to leave after some hour or so and when he picked a rose for his daughter, he beast appears and makes a wager for Belle’s father’s life. Belle’s trip through the woods on the “GPS” horse, to the castle was similar and different at he same time. She knew what she was doing, to save her father’s life and to live with the Beast. She had assumed what she would be doing, and then got different results from what she expected. When she go to the castle, it was more cool looking compared to as it was for her father. The castle is a really mysterious to her, as was her meeting with the Beast. As she snooped around the castle, it was seemed that the castle
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