Fragmentation_of_Social_Life - c live in gated communities...

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Fragmentation of Social Life…Eitzen Indicators of reduced societal cohesion 1. Excessive Individualism 2. Heightened personal isolation 3. Widening income and wealth group 4. Deepening racial /ethnic/ religious/sexuality divide Excessive Individualism Self reliance- responsible for your actions Value individual freedom- right to choose vocations, mates, when & where to travel, how to spend money. Author insists individualism promotes inequality…inferior housing, schools, services for others. Encourages public policies that are punitive to the disadvantaged Policies that keep us from feeling obligated to others Author thinks that it creates a Flaw in our thinking Our fate depends on others. 2. Heightened Personal Isolation- a. Computers and telecommunications responsible for home based jobs, b. Neighborhoods- 1 –n 3 persons never spend an evening with a neighbor.
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Unformatted text preview: c. live in gated communities d. exercise privately e. drive everywhere f. shop & bank by computer…meet no one in person g. suburbs are disconnected from one another 3. Widening Inequality Gap 268 billionaires… income ratio is 419-1 Other countries Japan 25-1 France & Germany 35-1 In US increasing hunger and homelessness 14 M children- food insecurity… a. welfare system shrinking b. cost of housing increasing c. charitable giving- not going to those who need it most, but to the already advantaged Implication We are moving to a two tiered society The larger the gap, the more destabilized the society 5. Deepening Racial, ethnic, religious, sexuality divide Who do we label as others? As “those people” We need to shift from building walls to building bridges…...
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Fragmentation_of_Social_Life - c live in gated communities...

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