Cranial Nerves

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Nerve Number Origin (location of dendrite) Passes Through Destination Function Ganglion Olfactory N I Cribiform Plate (ethmoid) Olfactory bulbs (cerebrum) Special Sensory (smell) none Optic N II Retina (eye) optic canal (sphenoid) Lateral Geniculate (thalmus) Special Sensory (vision) none Oculomotor N III motor nuclei in mesencephalon Ciliary Ganglion Trochlear N IV motor nuclei in mesencephalon superior oblique somatic motor none Trigeminal N V Opthalmic branch V1 sensory nuclei in pons somatic sensory Maxillary Branch V2 sensory nuclei in pons somatic sensory Mandibular Branch V3 Abducens N VI motor nuclei in pons Lateral rectus somatic motor Facial N VII Vestibulocochlear N VIII vestibular and cochlear ganglion glossopharyngeal N IX vagus N X accessory N XI somatic motor hypoglossal N XII motor nuclei of medulla tongue muscles somatic motor Olfactory Epithelium (roof of nasal cavity,superior nasal conchae and superior portions of nasal septum) superior orbital fissue (sphenoid) superior, inferior, and medial
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