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Unformatted text preview: essay predictions: - Nixon- determinants of power (emphasis on staffing) o LBJ: had staff of yes men o Nixon: distrusted his staff o FDR: brain trust o Reagan: o G.W. Bush: transnational staffing, circulation of elites- eriksons stages of development (emphasis on identity crisis)- biography in the aggregate EQUIVALENCE : problem with comparing leaders, e.g. power of Hitler incongruous to power of an American president, b/c it is such a different kind of power THEORY OF MARGINALITY : - when a person feels like he has been victimized by the previous societal structure and then seeks to obliterate it and replace it with a different societal structure which he believes to be better o can often account for a marginal persons rise to charismatic leadership- projection : marginals tend to project their personal anger onto public institutions; leads to development of revolutionary tendencies which often result in rejection of public authority as a whole o examples: Machiavelli Hitler : poor, regular Austrian citizen, not particularly Aryan- looking Stalin : son of shoemaker Richard M Nixon : from hickville California others: Castro , Clinton , etc if u apply theory of marginality to Osama bin Laden , u find that he was not marginal socio-economically, but he WAS marginal psychologically , b/c of the isolation of his upbringing (and being one of over 20 children)- Definition of mainstream is dependent on the political, social, economic and even racial and cultural context (ex: bin Ladens mainstream is different that Bushs mainstream) o ex: if ur a German of Jewish descent, u are still a marginal person to the German public regardless of gender or socio-economic standing CLASS TRAITOR: one who forgets or betrays their roots once they gain power- examples: o FDR came from Hudson River Valley aristocracy, true blue blood, yet he fought for the welfare of lower class citizens the upper class could then call him a class traitor for not looking out for the interests of the upper classes o Nixon : came from lower classes, but works for the interest of the upper classes o Gandhi DETERMINANTS OF POWER : factors that determine the level of a leaders power at a given time, e.g:- personality - environment (state of society when he rises to power, i.e. crisis or stable) ex: o Teddy Roosevelt had the personality and wanted to exercise more power, but there was no crisis so he didnt get the opportunity- experience - staffing ****** (anyone have some good notes on staffing?) o example: Karl Rove advisor to Bush, chief strategist (some would say hes the mastermind behind Bushs regime)- information/communication (ability to obtain and utilize information) - timing/outcome of decisions FURSTENSPEIGEL : an advice volume written to serve as a guide to lead for leaders- examples: Ms The Prince , Platos The Republic , etc PLATO : ancient Greek philosopher- wrote furstenspeigel The Republic for KING DIONYSIUS...
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POSC365finalreview - essay predictions: - Nixon-...

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