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Student Name Address City State Telephone Megan Smith 223 West St. Monticello IN 555-890-0000 George Saburit 213 South St. Monticello IN 666-980-0000 Kristin Johnson 456 North St. Monticello IN 678-980-3743 Emily DuVall 213 North LaneIdaville IN 980-890-0989 Travis Evan 90 West 22 St Indianapolis IN 567-890-1234 Greg Johnson 45 First St. Monon IN 098-090-8765 Sandra Jo 77 South Lane Buffalo IN 564-098-6754 Heidi Melin 12 Bee Lane Monticello IN 123-456-7890
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Unformatted text preview: Annabel Dorothy 12 Apt 2 Monticello IN 098-765-4321 Arianna Lyn 5638 East St Monticello IN 345-678-9012 Emily Lenor 400 North Dr. Buffalo IN 234-567-7890 Jeremiah Todd 1022 Shafer Dr.Monon IN 809-576-1432 Alyssa James 345 Shafer AveIndianapolis IN 777-999-0000 Nancy Leonard 390 West St. Indianapolis IN 333-777-5678 James Atherton 00 Main St. Idaville IN 888-789-0000...
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course ENGL 106 taught by Professor Ceyhan during the Spring '08 term at Purdue University-West Lafayette.

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