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Scottsboro Study Guide Questions 1. They were charged because of rape they were convicted because of racism. 2. There was no possibility of black jurists to take part in the case so there was no possibility of it being a fair trial. 3. April 18: Judge Horton sets the sentence of death for Patterson, and then suspends it on a motion for a new trial. Then, the judge postpones the trials of the other defendants because tensions in town are running too high to expect a "just and impartial verdict.” On June 22, Judge Horton sets aside Patterson's conviction and grants a new trial. The trials of Patterson and Norris end in death sentences for both. Judge Callahan's bias might be exemplified by his omissions: he forgets to explain to Patterson's jury how to render a not guilty verdict (Leibowitz reminds him before the jury goes out) and neglects to ask the mercy of God upon Norris's soul. 4. If it hadn’t have been Jewish lawyer from North therefore almost became about anti- semitism. 8. The ILD (International Labor Defense), which served as the legal arm of the U.S. Communist Party, stepped in and took up the fight to save the lives of the Scottsboro Boys. The NAACP, which hesitated to get involved and put in a belated bid to represent the nine young men, lost out to the ILD. In January 1932, the ILD presented its appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court, arguing that the Scottsboro Boys were denied a fair trial, had inadequate representation and that the jeering of the mob in Scottsboro prejudiced the jury. The Alabama court disagreed, and the ILD took their case before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court sided with the ILD in a landmark decision -- Powell v. Alabama -- which said that the defendants essentially had non-existent legal representation and were denied due process. It was the responsibility of the state, the high court ruled, to provide adequate defense counsel. Armed with their victory, the ILD returned to Alabama for a new trial, this time in Decatur, 50 miles west of Scottsboro. At the behest of the ILD, of which he was not a member, noted New York attorney Samuel Leibowitz took on the case. Leibowitz had a Lionel train model built to scale of the train from which the nine men and the two alleged victims were pulled. They only cared about them while they were in jail, once they got out they didn’t really care about them anymore. Only interested as long as they got a benefit out of it 12. Basically, it was a tragedy mostly for Horton and the boys. Horton wasn’t able to become a judge again lost his job for helping boys. And Scottsboro boys weren’t “free”
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until around 30 years old, lived broken lives. Everyone else pretty much got what they wanted Practice Essay Questions 3. Red Scare: In New York they started to remove the Socialist party because they seemed to be Communist. Palmer Raids: 4,000 people arrested and 600 deported
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test2studyguide - Scottsboro Study Guide Questions 1. They...

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