Geology 30 Midterm Exam

Geology 30 Midterm Exam - Geology 30 Midterm Exam Geologic...

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Unformatted text preview: Geology 30 Midterm Exam Geologic Time Scale- Eon: Longest period Era: Four time spans- Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic, and Protozoan Period: Time inside an era Epoch: Less than a period and greater than an age Cladograms/ Cladistics- DEFINITIONS ON ANOTHER PAGE Historical Perspective-  Steno- Principle of the law of superposition and lateral continunity  Hutton- Uniformitarianism- processes we see today are much like those from the past  Smith- Original horizontal and superposition  Charles Lyell- wrote the Principle of Geology- Earth is ancient and sculpted by gradual geologic processes, led to a modernization of geology  Wegner- Earth rotations would cause continents to plow through ocean basis  Wallace- Naturists, developed theory of evolution and got it published before Darwin  Malthus- Populations are capable to increase faster than food is able to be supplied  Linnaeus- Father of Taxonomy- undertook to describe all of life and minerals in his Systemae Naturae, distinguished species  Mendel- Father of genetics, did the pea study, recessive and dominant traits Belief and Research- Belief Knowledge- The essence of belief knowledge is knowledge about the world is inherent and unique in each human being  Attained by personal beliefs and knowledge, no testing, observation, and quantification, individual revelation and individual faith Research Knowledge- essence of research knowledge is that it is a group endeavor, it is cumulative, and findings are ever changing and dynamic  Observed, collected and synthesized by different human beings, results must be repeatable and my more than one observer  All hypotheses must me falsifiable only fail to disprove Pseudoscience- generally borrows the terminology and appearance, knowingly manipulating the data to a specific political/economic end  Unwilling to admit ignorance or disprove the hypothesis Hallmarks of Science- Difference between hypothesis and a theory-  Hypothesis- An explanation for the pattern created by two or more facts, generally involves inferring a process, based on observation, make predictions, and be testable  Theory- Main two components of systematic? Goal of cladistics? How is the 3 Domain System different from the 5 Kingdom System?...
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Geology 30 Midterm Exam - Geology 30 Midterm Exam Geologic...

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