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SOC 462 Suicide

SOC 462 Suicide - 2008_01_15 Suicide Tuesday 10:35 AM...

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Frequently use age categories square4 Yes/no questions square4 Level of self esteem (H, SH, SL, L) square4 Samples tend to be relatively large square4 Surveys -quantitative Open-ended responses allow much more precision (describing instead of rating self- esteem, allows professional opinion of a person's actual self-esteem) More expensive Much smaller samples square4 Interviews -qualitative In common w/ anthropologists square4 Observe what people say and do during daily routines square4 Observations -qualitative Official data/stats -quantitative Research data collection Definition: The direct, intentional taking of one's own life ***STUMP THE PROFESSOR: IS RUSSIAN ROULETTE SUICIDE?*** Can be expanded to other risk- taking behavior as suicidal -a "death-wish" -unconscious? Pre-industrial -suicide related to meta-physical/religious reasons, i.e., vengeful ancestors Influenced by penchant for medicalization, scientific reasons rhombus5
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