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Skeptical of psychology and capitalism Favored looking at macro level Suicide rates w/in countries tended to be stable s Variation between countries and regions (southern regions had lower suicide rates) s Upward trend across negative dependent variables s Suicide studies High social density = small town, everyone knows each other s Low social density = urban area s Social norms stronger in high social density - according to Durkheim, this is good, as it reduces anomie, (deviance, crime, suicide) s Small, close knit communities => + Social density => +Social norms => -anomie => + anomic suicide
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Unformatted text preview: s Anomie ○ Durkheim - Anomie • Start w/ your own life, mindset, experiences, broaden to friends, examining problems and issues ○ Take these problems to the societal level, looking for societal reasons ○ C. Wright Mills - The Sociological Imagination • Austrian free-market economist ○ Wrote the book Human Action ○ Argued that all human actions are rational ○ Big critic of social forces or deterministic claims ○ Ludwig Von Mises - Human action • 2008_01_09 Lecture 2: Introduction continued Wednesday, January 09, 2008 1:38 PM Class Notes Page 1...
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