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SOC 462 Epistemology and Levels of Analysis

SOC 462 Epistemology and Levels of Analysis - 2008_01_10...

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Most of Prof. Spencer's colleagues are positivist square4 Methods are not too different from physicists, astronomers, etc study their fields square4 Focus is on behavior square4 Positivism (scientific) a. Argue that humans are different enough from inanimate objects square4 Focus is on meanings and definitions attached to things by human beings square4 Once these are understood, can understand behavior inherently square4 Being labeled as (x) brings serious social consequences Defining excessive drinking as an illness involves a sea change of how culture regards and reacts to drinking compared to when it was considered a character flaw Labels square4 Subjectivism b. Epistemological Positions 1. Positivist - Mental illness rates vary by Social Economic Status (SES) square4 Subjectivist - Cultural definitions of body modification? By gender? square4 Macro Individual and social environment/context square4 Positivist - Mental illness varying by family dynamics square4
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