SOC 462 Epistemology and Levels of Analysis

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Most of Prof. Spencer's colleagues are positivist s Methods are not too different from physicists, astronomers, etc study their fields s Focus is on behavior s Positivism (scientific) a. Argue that humans are different enough from inanimate objects s Focus is on meanings and definitions attached to things by human beings s Once these are understood, can understand behavior inherently s Being labeled as (x) brings serious social consequences Defining excessive drinking as an illness involves a sea change of how culture regards and reacts to drinking compared to when it was considered a character flaw Labels s Subjectivism b. Epistemological Positions 1. Positivist - Mental illness rates vary by Social Economic Status (SES) s Subjectivist - Cultural definitions of body modification? By gender? s Macro Individual and social environment/context s Positivist - Mental illness varying by family dynamics s Subjective - "everyday encounters" w/ wheelchair and walker users (or any other physical
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