SOC 462 The Body as Site of Deviance - Tattoos, Piercings, etc

SOC 462 The Body as - ○ It's bases s Consequences at all 3 social levels s How is it managed s Stigma applicable to bosy ○ Focuses on the

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Ethnography centers on observation Focused on the Front - the self-presentation of the organization, image management Abortion clinics were deviant/stigmatized organizations - literally illegal Medical equipment Furniture, decorations Layout Background music Front stage (waiting room, consultation room) Want to make it appear as official of a doctor's office as any other Setting - Physical attributes, surroundings s White clothes Well-groomed Appearance - How the employees are dressed, groomed s Polite Hushed tones Use a lot of medical terminology Manner - actions and interactions of employees s Focuses on how the abortion clinic uses its front to manage stigma Refers to clientele as "situationally deviant" - the front of the abortion clinic's front helps customers minimize their own deviance This material will be expected to be covered in the project observing a tattoo clinic Ball - Ethnography of Abortion Clinic All carry a stigma, but in different ways from each other and most other stigmas
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Unformatted text preview: ○ It's bases s Consequences at all 3 social levels s How is it managed? s Stigma applicable to bosy ○ Focuses on the process of getting "the first tattoo" s Since skin and the body are first thing a person sees of another person, how does this impact people s Body Modification ○ Physical deformities - abominations of the body s Blemishes of character - extrapolating attributes from specific attributes of character -homosexuality, political views, other labels s Tribal stigma - race, nation, and/or religion s Goffman - 3 types of Stigma ○ People in wheelchairs, walkers □ Deaf, blind □ Physically scarred □ People with Physical Disabilities - PPD s Read Cahill and Eggleston s Sagarin s Sagarin - The Disabled as Involuntary Deviants ○ The Deviance of the Body - Physical Disability, Obesity, and Body Modification of Abortion • The Body as a Site of Deviance Tuesday, February 19, 2008 10:50 AM Lecture Page 1...
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