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The term "religion" has been restricted to being used only in reference to organized religion s Most newer religious organizations call themselves fellowships, communities, or centers s Most people began shift in 60's/70's Concerned with finding a lifestyle that "fits" Not sticking to traditional beliefs Most scholars believe that this shift is associated with a trend towards individualistic, consumerist qualities in today's spiritual market. s 65% say religion is declining in influence 62% say that religion is increasing in importance in their personal life Are spiritual people less religious to others? Are those in traditional denominations more spiritual? Many researchers, religious leaders, and laypersons have claimed that this shift indicates a
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Unformatted text preview: decline in religion s Trend in American culture to speak of "spirituality" rather than "religion." The term Traditional spiritualality of inhabiting sacred places is no longer the norm s People are losing faith in one metaphysical set of knowledge s Seekers "negotiate" between competing glimpses of the sacred s The spirituality of "seeking" One finds order in established rituals s To explore is to seek new spiritual "vistas" s Seeking spiritual epiphanies within a certain religion to guide them s Not necessarily opposed to seekers, but they have a dialectical relationship s The spirituality of dwelling Seekers and dwellers - Robert Wuthnow Spirituality Monday, March 24, 2008 12:43 PM Class Page 1...
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