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SOC 367 Judaism

SOC 367 Judaism - • Both Judaism and Christianity believe...

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Judaism is both a religious identity and an ethnic tradition Set of folkways, beliefs, music, and language s Roots to people who lived in Israel Many Jews have assimilated into U.S. cultures, but many traditional Jewsih ways live on. Accepting of others joining the faith. Who is Jewish Christianity began as a small sect of Judaism Share a common history to a certain point, and geographcial heritage Share some scripture: The Jewish Tanakh (scripture) and the Old Testament are nearly the same in content There is one true God Existence and definition of sin Importance of a day of rest What Jews have in Common with Christians
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Unformatted text preview: • Both Judaism and Christianity believe in a savior ○ However, Judaism does not believe it has yet come ○ The major seperation • Ethnic identity and history is key to faith ○ The people of Israel are one people ○ They are the people of the covenant ○ Often misunderstood s Cited in Exodus, they are watched by God s They were to keep the Ten Commandments s NOT that Jews are somehow better s The Chosen People ○ Jewish faith • Sabbath and ceremony, rites of passage - see slides in-depth • Judaism Monday, February 18, 2008 12:35 PM Class Page 1...
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