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SOC 367 Evangelicals

SOC 367 Evangelicals - ○ Generally have a"home"...

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Become major political force in US Very important for evangelicals to share their faith Witnessing: talking to others with the intent of turning them to faith in Jesus Christ defines evangelism and Christian music Most are born again, emphasize this particular event Exclude themselves from fundamentalists: evangelicals are less militant, less exclusive, more modern scholarship Believe in God who intervenes through miracles Unlike other protestant groups, Evangelicals are very outward about political and religious and religious matters Major figurehead for Evangelical movement Probably most popular televangelist Billy Graham As old as television Fulton Sheen (Catholic) square4 Billy Graham square4 Spreads Christian message through televised religious service Emphasize miracles square4 Supernatural theology square4 Laying on of hands -using God's power to heal people physi square4 Charismatic service Generally have a "home" audience in the thousands
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Unformatted text preview: ○ Generally have a "home" audience in the thousands s Mega-churches ○ Jimmy Swagert (prostitute) s Jim Bakker s Scandal ○ Televangelism • The Holy Spirit came to the disciples and spoke with tongues like flames of fire s Speaking in tongues (languages other than their own) s God is said to have poured out a portion of his own spirit s This event is celebrated annually as the "Pentecost" s Ability to speak in tongues is the gift and proof of the work of the Holy Spirit s Refers to an event in the New Testament ○ Process by which a relationship with God is built s Key to faith is sanctification ○ Pentecostalism • Evangelical's support group to provide fellowship for men specifically ○ Revolves around 7 promises to keep men on the path to Jesus Christ ○ Promise Keepers • Evangelicals Friday, February 08, 2008 12:37 PM Class Page 1...
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