IDIS 280 Marriage and Divorce

IDIS 280 Marriage and Divorce - Can simply file over...

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Divorce is much more prevalent than 80 years ago, somewhat more than 30 years ago. Varying opinoins on good/bad Opening discussion Considered atypical to not be married and have kids s Viewed by some as the primary goal of life s What does marriage mean politically/socially Historically negative connotations of cohabitation - some states have "common law" marriages Division of labor based on family model Girls taught to prepare for wedding from childhood Cultural differences in arrangements Marriage the institution Guilt and innocence assigned s Lead to "mud-slinging" disputes s Impossible to "escape" due to simple dislike of each other s Rewards to innocent party s Fault Divorce (old system)
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Unformatted text preview: Can simply file over irreconcilable differences s "Equitable" distribution of resources s Divorce "too easy"? s No-fault Divorce (new system) ○ Divorce • Previously, husbands often paid their wives alimony if he was "guilty" in the marriage ○ The no-fault system makes this much less likely ○ Alimony • Gap between desire and reality - can you recover from decades away from the labor force? s Issue of choice: escaping a bad marriage into worse poverty s Contributing to the feminization of poverty s More difficulty for women to remarry than men s Difficulties ○ Divorce recovery • Marriage and Divorce Wednesday, January 30, 2008 12:27 PM Class Notes Page 1...
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