SOC 367 Interactive Model of Religiosity

SOC 367 Interactive Model of Religiosity - s Later in life,...

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As father's education goes up, children's religiosity goes up Kris is will to bet that "Mother at Home" would produce a stronger negative correlation s As mother's education goes up (and, according to Wright, mother's religiosity goes down), children's religiosity goes down Marital happiness s Parental support s Moderate strictness s Working husband non-working wife s Strong parental religiosity s Parents agree most of the time on interpretation s Indicators of future religiosity of adolescents What are the effects of childhood parental interactions on their offspring? s What factors contribute to children growing up religious, and staying that way?
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Unformatted text preview: s Later in life, what kinds of thing influence staying religious? s Central questions Influence of religious beliefs s Frequency of bible readings s Effect on daily life s Participation in extra-churchular activities s Religiosity (how deep is the faith) Add to existing literature s Understand role of parental legacy s Why this is important The family context Myers, Scott (1996) Interactive Model of Religiosity Inheritance Wednesday, January 30, 2008 12:48 PM Class Page 1...
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