SOC 402 Beck - Globalization and the Risk Society

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Externalize - take or put effects outside of the (economic, social, ecological) system i. Sociologists tend to look a positive 1) Economists tend to look at negative 2) Can be positive or negative ii. Early industrializers "externalized" environmental costs 1. Environmental and economical consequences of industrialization and globalization eventually catch up with later generations 2. Globalization of industrial production leads to the globalization of risk 3. "Sooner or later the risks also catch up with those who produce or profit from them. Risks display a social boomerang effect in their diffusion: even the rich and powerful are not safe from them" (Ulrich Beck, CP, p. 428) 4. The "Boomerang" Effect A. "Risk position is not class position" (p.430) 1. Class position - defined by (non-)ownership of productive property 2. Risk position - divides people with a high probability of adverse environmental effects from the "not-yet-effected" 3. Beyond the Class Divide? B. Like class, risk is something that can be attributed or ascribed to countries, regions, groups, and
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Unformatted text preview: individuals 1. Risk is hard to escape because it invisibly "piggy-backs" on many of our choices as producers or consumers, like a "stowaway." 2. Risk as "Fate" C. But in another way, the risk divide is not completely separate from the class divide. 1. It can overlap with global divide between core and periphery, as wel as the class divide within each region 2. Uneven exposure to environmental risks among populations in different countries and regions 3. But risk is still not the same as class, since it can cut across class lines 4. Risk and Global Inequity D. Prof. Straughn's thoughts - consumers have a role in "voting" with their purchases - otherwise, corporations have no real reason to stop externalizing E. Lecture 15B - Globalization and the Risk Society - The Eco-Sociology of Ulrich Beck (1944- ) Wednesday, November 28, 2007 9:35 AM Class Notes Page 1...
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