SOC 402 Gender Stratification and Time Bind

SOC 402 Gender Stratification and Time Bind - Lecture 11B...

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Why do you have to be one or the other? a. Hidden: A Gender by Kate Bernstein b. Boys were dressed in pink b/f WWI, girls in dainty blue - switched between wars, completely switched by WWII c. "once you buy Gender, you'll buy anything to keep it" d. Movie - Adventures in the Gender Trade 1. Gilman - Committed to mental institution by husband as a result of writing diaries on how unhappy she was a. Many women do not have enough opportunities for paid work to support themselves i. A women's roles may include "domestic" duties like motherhood and housekeeping, but not usually employment ii. As a result, a married woman's economic status rises and falls with that of her husband, on whom she depends on for food, clothing, and shelter iii. Gilman (1898) - Why women are financially dependent on men - In late 19th century America… b. Husbands and wives are equal partners only in parenting, not in managing family finances a) Although wives do contribute to their husbands' productivity, it is as
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