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IDIS 280 Sexuality

IDIS 280 Sexuality - Sexuality Wednesday 2:54 PM Why the...

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Long history of sexual control -controlling female sexuality allows you to control society Why the focus on women? Suggests that girls suffer social pressure to repress desire square4 Fear of consequences, both physical and social square4 There is no discourse of sexuality for or among females due to this repression -possibly results in more danger square4 Study on the development of adolescent sexuality Varying social perspectives: Tolman Relationship sex more common than sex with a few "bad girls" Suggests reports of decreasing teen sexual activity are inaccurate square4 Distinction: love equals desire square4 Interesting dichotomy: culture that punishes sexuality, yet uses sex to market every product square4 Study on gender politics and teen dating Varying perspectives: Risman/Schwartz Study on black sexual politics Suggests the construction of racialized difference with "wild sexuality" of black women Information on sex still restricted from adolescents square4 Preferred types of sexuality, poor treatment to others square4
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