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SOC 367 Religion and Political Process in an American City

SOC 367 Religion and Political Process in an American City...

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Concept of separation of church and state Civil religion Two competing themes in the relationship between religion and politics Even though we have the idea of "separate spheres", it is not generally followed -there is still significant interplay We can't/shouldn't do this because… square4 Because we separated church and state, it is now possible to use it for political legitimization in a democratic situation square4 Civil religion is still at play, but it's different -now a resource that people use to legitimize their DEMOCRATIC position There is a tension between these two themes Can be viewed as legislation of morality, school promoting a religion Or can be seen as balance of non-establishment clause and opportunities for free exercise of religion A question of the Establishment Clause square4 First became issue in 1955 square4 Prohibited bible reading to start off each day June 17, 1963 -The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that mandatory
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Unformatted text preview: reverential Bible reading and prayer recitation is unconstitutional □ The Murray v. Curlett case and Abington Township v. Schempp 1963 s 1985 - Wallace v. Jaffree - Alabama legislator tried to add on that a moment of silence should be for the purpose of "meditation or voluntary prayer - Supreme court struck down s 1992 - Lee v. Weisman - can't have clergy pray at graduation ceremonies s 1995? - ??? V Virginia s Right to pray individually, read Bible, say grace □ School officials can not authorize prayer □ Students can express religious beliefs in homework (as long as it's on topic) □ Student groups have the same access to school facilities as non-religious groups □ Have the right to distribute literature □ 1995 - Clinton provides new religious rules s Prayer in schools ○ Religion and education • Religion and Political Process in an American City Wednesday, April 02, 2008 12:52 PM Class Page 1...
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